Texas Jack Omohundro


"He was an expert trailer and scout. I soon recognized this and... secured his appointment in the United States service...In this capacity I learned to know him and to respect his bravery and ability. He was a whole-souled, brave, generous, good-hearted man...who was one of my dearest and most intimate friends.”

                --William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, 1910

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Who was John B. “Texas Jack” Omohundro?


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"J.B. 'Texas Jack' Omohundro was a true exponent of those plainsmen who contributed so greatly to the conquering of the western wilderness. He left an indelible mark in the annals of the old west, one which will stand so long as thoughtful people pay homage to those pioneering spirits who helped move the centers of civilization westward."

                           --Herschel C. Logan, Buckskin and Satin