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Ned Buntline, Buffalo Bill, and Texas Jack


Cowan's Auctions

From Cowan's Auctions:

Exceptional Cabinet Card of Ned Buntline, Buffalo Bill and Texas Jack, with imprint of George Rockwood, one of New York City's premier photographers. Penciled id indicates the image was taken in 1875. (ed. Actually taken in late March or early April 1873.) This image was undoubtedly taken the short-lived run of The Scouts of the Plains, Cody's and Omohundro's first stage appearances. Buntline, of course, had had a successful career as a writer sensationalizing the deeds of the frontier scout, before stepping onto the stage. Often seen in copy cdv format, this is the first cabinet card we have seen.
Condition:Near MINT with rich, beautiful tonality.

Estimate: $5,000 - $7,000
Price Realized Including Buyer's Premium

Ned Buntline, Buffalo Bill, and Texas Jack
Texas Jack Association
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